What are your plans after this?

What are your plans after this? That is what many people are saying, what am I going to do when all this is over? Things will not be the same or will they be? What will my normal look like now? Those are just some of the questions that people are having to face since we have entered into a time where things just seemed uncertain. That does not mean that you still can pursue and recover it all. Just because things may look like things are not getting better it always a positive side to every negative. This is the time to keep pushing towards your dreams to make them a reality. It all boils down to how you view things. In everything you have a choice to either react positive or negative. Just because things look hopeless does not mean I have to hopeless, no I remain hopeful because all things will work out if not I have the choice to change my outcome. Do not let what is happen determined rather or not your pursuit was not worth it because it was worth everything you got. When you go through a Recovery you will experience some pitfalls or even a setback but that does not mean that you have lost no that only means that you are recovering and you are getting stronger. Take full advatage of the situation use it to the best of your ability because you will come out on top and you shall recover everything and then some. IT is our Time to Shine and make sure you Shine bright like a Diamond.

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