Trusting God in All Things

Some people aren't good asking for help because they're so used to being "the Helper" though out their life they have experienced unbalance give and take so their instinct is usually "I'll figure it out on my own" The self-reliance is all they've never known. This was me, I did not know that I was building a fence from trusting God to help me. I come to realize that figure it on your own is having confidence in your own abilities and strengths an that is not good because that puts in the mindset of survivor mode and that is not what God has for me He wanted me to thrive and the only to do that is you Have to Trust and believe in his abilities that He can handle any situation. Nothing is too hard for God I mean nothing rather it big or small God can do the possible. Today I trust God and Truly Trust God. Trust builds confidence in the one person who can work out all situations no matter what it looks like I Trust God

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