Spiritual Sunday! Trust Pray Listen to Holy Spirit

I was challenge by Pastor Lynda Threat to do the 7 day bible challenge ( Day 1 Matthew 6:33 NIV) But seek first his kingdom and his righteous and all these things will be given to you as well. This is very one scriptures that I have heard over and over and today as I was thinking about the challenge this scripture came up so I began to really serious ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten me on this scripture because when we ponder on this scripture we think about God's kingdom and heavenly things and his righteous but I needed some more insight on this scripture. As I began to seek out God pointed out this in verses 30, If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into fire, will he not more clothe you, O you of little faith? now a questioned is posed about trusting? Key focus of whole text is about trust. Trust is defined as believing that all will be taken care of because you place confidence in the person who promised to handle the situation. That we can continue to move forward with other daily things without thinking or worrying about situation because it has already been handle. But how many of us have fallen into that lack of confidence not really trusting because of our little faith. I am first to say I fallen into that often because I lack confidence and trust in person because situation remained the same. So I had to asked myself the question do I have confidence in the person who promise to handle the situation? It came to this O you have little faith? Meaning I lack confidence in God's ability too do the task. Now most of you may say how can you say that if you truly honest with yourself and I hear Holy Spirit saying to me Tamiko you do not believe that God is able to do this simple task. The reason is because there no trust and when there is no trust there is no confidence. Which brings back to the verse 33, Seek ye first, meaning coming to God boldly but with confidence exposing yourself letting Him truth about situation and most of us fail in doing that because of lack of confidence and trust we trusted in others and the disappointed even when we trust ourselves our confidence fails us. Someone once said if you can trust God in saving your soul why are you having trouble trusting him for everything. Good point if I but confidence in the fact of my salvation why is hard for me put confidence and trust that God will provided the simple. Which is hard because we do not believe that God will do simple things because we have been told oh you can do that, they have people to help you with that, l could go on but the fact of matter is we only look to God for big task not simple.. David said in Psalm, Bless is the man who puts all their trust in the Lord. Solomon put all his trust in God because he did not know how to rule of his people. By him what Seeking God, he was made wise. So key focus here today was seek, confidence and trust. You can trust God for the simple. I am learning that daily that. So my challenge to you today is building up our trust in God trust him with the simple.. The more you put trust in Him he greater your faith will be which faith is confidence. The Greater confidence... That is why he tells us not to worry about nothing I got you if you only let me do it.. Bless is Tamiko who puts all her trust in the Lord. Think about are you really putting all your trust in the Lord?

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