Inspirational Friday!

Inspirational Friday! When you think no else has gone to what you went through God always has a way to show you. I up late Thursday morning and I came across a post that Roland Martin had written it was his testimony He said after his divorce in 1999 he was at his very lowest but God brought him through it all. It burns something within my heart. I told me that if you want to thrive in this season you will have to make sacrifices and some those will be uncomfortable Most people will never understand it but you will because if going to live an Extraordinary Life you will have to endure some extraordinary things. Bare to uncomfortable for a moment because it part of your Recovery Season is going to be Epic just stay the course. Stay Faithful even in the uncomfortable things it just making you stronger and it is keeping you humble all at the same time. You are not longer going to average you are becoming what you were always meant to be you are above average.

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